This is the glowing face of a true Superwoman, who birthed her baby in the car on the way to Stoke Mandeville Hospital – without any medical assistance – and still describes her birth as ‘incredible’.

I felt a bit concerned sharing Michelle’s amazing birth story as it’s the second birth, involving birth in the car on the way to hospital, that I’ve shared this year (check out August’s post). I know giving birth without medical assistance is a huge worry for a lot of mums and I don’t want anyone to think this is a regular occurrence – it’s not, it’s highly unusual! In fact, in eight years of teaching pregnancy yoga, it’s the only two births that I know of, that have happened in this way.

The phenomenal thing about Michelle’s story is how her and her partner coped with the situation, even when things took a worrying turn. Here’s Michelle’s story:

Vivien’s Birth Story

Just wanted to let you know that baby Vivien arrived in the early hours of this morning. A brief story compared to her big brother. I felt some tightening around 11pm last night, just after doing my daily hip circles and rocking back and forth on all fours. I breathed through them and fell asleep listening to the Hypnobirthing MP3 tracks.

I woke at 1am with some tightening but this time they seemed to be more often, so recorded the first 4, which were within 10 minutes and lasted around 40 seconds each. I called Stoke and they advised me to come in. 

We waited for my sister in law to come and watch our son and as we were waiting the surges came in thick and fast. I got distracted and panicked but my husband was amazing, rubbing my back and reminding me to breathe in slowly through the nose and long breaths out through the mouth, encouraging me that I could do this. I found counting in for 4 and out for 8 helped me stay focused.

We got in the car just before 2am. We had both car seats and hospital bag in the back so I sat in the front seat facing back with my knees on the floor, breathing through as my husband drove to the hospital. The journey to the hospital was 30 mins from our house. After just 15 mins in the car I felt the urge to breathe down. I felt much calmer at this stage than I did with the surges. I put my hand down to feel and could feel baby’s head and at that moment my waters broke.

Ricky pulled over on the London Road and came round to help catch baby. Baby came out at 2:30am on Monday 23rd November, and at quite a speed. As Ricky caught baby, the umbilical cord broke. We were 5 miles from hospital. We called labour ward and they advised to call 999 so an ambulance could meet us. I feel we were both as calm as we could be at this point.

On the phone they said to wrap baby up warm and clamp down on the cord with something like a towel to stop bleeding. The ambulance got to us within minutes and took me and baby to hospital whilst my husband drove behind. Baby was a little cold when we arrived and was put under a lamp to warm up next to me. I delivered the placenta shortly after arriving. I had a minor tear which required a small amount of stitching but other than that, all was fine with me and baby.

Ricky was amazing and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his support. Which was all down to your coaching tips in the hypnobirthing workshop I attended.

To go from an induced assisted (suction cap, forceps and episiotomy) birth of 9 hours with my son, to a no pain relief, much shorter birth (with a bigger baby), I think is incredible, and I can’t quite believe it, but I was so in the mindset in the run up that it would be a much more positive birth than Kenny’s.

Good luck to all the ladies in class! You will be amazing! Hope to see you at post natal yoga in the new year! Thank you again for everything! Michelle