Nikki came to my pregnancy yoga classes and did a hypnobirthing workshop with me before the birth of her second child. When she got to twelve days over her due date, she decided to start the induction process. Her body was clearly ready for birth and baby arrived very quickly, before her husband had even arrived at the hospital.

Nikki was absolutely amazing, “I had expected a quick birth as my first was 4.5 hours however this one was recorded as 5 minutes!” I always say hypnobirthing leads to a faster, more efficient labour – even when being induced – and Nikki certainly proved that!

Henrietta’s Birth

We welcomed Henrietta Elizabeth Alice Mason on 13th April (41+5 days). My first daughter arrived on her due date, so we were fully expecting Hattie to have arrived by her estimated due date, on the 1st April. As the days went on, I was still confident that she would arrive without any intervention and at the 40 week appointment there was no talk at all of sweeps/induction.

However, when I made it to the 41 week appointment I agreed to a sweep, in the hope it got things going, and booked in for a second one at 41+3. At both of these I was 2cm dilated, although the cervix was posterior. Due to Coronavirus I wasn’t able to have any further sweeps as they wanted to limit hospital visits. I was therefore booked for induction on 13th April. In the meantime, I kept busy and made the most of my daily walk!

The morning of the 13th April I woke up at 4am with some cramping, which developed into more consistent surges every 15-20mins. I got up at 7am and went for a long walk. I called the hospital and said I was going to stay home for now and hope that things progressed naturally. They said to call at lunchtime and let them know how things were going. After my walk the surges tailed off, so we decided to head up to Stoke Mandeville around 1pm.

We were pleasantly surprised that my husband could come in with me as they still had visiting hours from 12-3pm, and he headed home after this.

I was assessed after 3pm and was 3cm with the cervix still posterior. Although some progress I was mentally ready to get on with induction so agreed to have the prostin gel. I had this at 4.50pm. After 30mins surges started and by 6pm were about 5mins apart. I was able to breathe through them in 3-4 breaths.

At 7pm I asked when I could go down to the birth centre/labour ward and was told I would need to be examined again. I agreed, as I was getting to the point where I felt I wanted my husband there for support and therefore needed to get off the antenatal ward. At 7.20pm there was however no change. The midwife was surprised given the rate of surges but thought maybe the baby was slightly back to back and not pressing fully on my cervix yet.

I went for a bath but didn’t get much relief from it and was really starting to struggle with the intensity of the surges on my own. I then went to the loo and noticed some bleeding. I buzzed the midwife and an MCA came and saw I was struggling and the blood and said she’d get the midwife.

I called my husband at 8.16pm to say he should head back, as I knew I would be going down soon. A couple of minutes later I felt my body wanting to push and my waters exploded and I could feel my body pushing. The midwife came running in and quickly realised what was happening and pushed the emergency button for assistance.

They managed to help me onto the bed, still on all fours, leaning up on the head of the bed. Despite me trying to slow things down (I remember worrying about tearing and my husband not being there!) Hattie’s head emerged quickly followed by the rest of her. She was passed up to me and I got the midwife to help me take my dress off so we could have skin to skin. I called my husband back at 8.23pm to say she’d been born!

The midwives were amazing and made sure there was someone with me all the time until my husband arrived. Needless to say, I was incredibly grateful I’d asked for a private room! After delivering the placenta I was told I had a very minor tear and wouldn’t need stitches which I was amazed at given the speed Hattie arrived at.

I had expected a quick birth as my first was 4.5 hours however this one was recorded as 5 minutes! Thank you again Donna for the yoga, hypnobirthing and general advice, it most definitely helped get me through the birth by myself. All the best to the ladies in class over the next few weeks.