Beautiful Birth in the Pool

The warm water provided instant relief and within a few minutes my waters broke. Almost immediately I felt the urge to push and my son Alexander was born safely into the water 15 minutes later. I’m always encouraging the women I teach to think about using the pool for birth, almost without exception people say […]

Jen’s very quick first-time birth

First time mum Jen had a really quick labour, arriving at hospital fully dilated and ready for birth, however things took a bit of a worrying turn once she arrived, when babies heart rate dropped, leading to an episiotomy and forceps delivery. I’m happy to say that Jen and her husband Rob did a hypnobirthing […]

Superwoman Cheryl’s birth, alone in the car!

This is the beautiful and slightly stunned face of Cheryl, who gave birth to her son Maverick in the car, alone, whilst her husband ran inside to get a midwife. What’s amazing about Cheryl’s birth is her presence of mind and calmness during the delivery, she says: I had my second urge to push as […]

Alice’s amazing, 90 minute, home birth

Our last birth story on here, was Nicki’s speedy ‘accidental’ home birth. By a lovely coincidence, Nicki’s friend Alice, also had a home birth, three weeks later. Nicki and Alice came to my pregnancy yoga classes together, and I always think what a lovely coincidence, when friends are pregnant at the same time. However, no […]