Making peace with a traumatic first birth

I’m so glad Helen got to experience the joy of a wonderful birth experience after a traumatic first birth. She says, “I was euphoric! It was the most incredible and mind-blowing experience, and the complete opposite to my previous labour”. Having had a traumatic first birth myself, I know how debilitating that can be, it’s […]

Two friends, two awesome first births

These two beautiful babies were born to two friends Paige and Vicky within two weeks of each other, and I have to put their inspiring birth stories together because they have so many similarities! Both are first-time mums, both had short labours and gave birth at 39 weeks (plus a few days), both gave birth […]

Arabella’s beautiful home birth

As promised here is my birth story for Arabella Grace, born on Friday at 6:34am, weighing 9lbs 1oz and 59cm long (my longest baby!). Thank you again for all your support, yoga and our couple’s hypnobirthing refresher course! Our KG Hypnobirthing book is so well thumbed that it is falling to pieces! I’ve already decided […]

Lisa’s labour of love in the car park

Third time mum Lisa, told her husband she’d drive herself to hospital when her waters broke during the night – because her two little girls were sleeping at the time. When her husband refused, all four of them got in the car and headed to the hospital, where the girls would be picked up by […]

First-time mum Olivia’s incredibly quick birth, at 37 weeks

First-time mum Olivia, thought she was being a bit dramatic when she first started to feel contractions, only to be examined and told she was fully dilated! Here’s Olivia’s truly inspiring birth story. Rex Lucca’s incredibly quick birth After leaving your yoga class on Saturday 24th July, I felt something was different and just put […]