Birth during Covid – Ralph’s very quick birth in the car

When you think about someone giving birth in the car, on the way to hospital, most women would imagine a pretty stressful, fear-inducing situation – and yet that’s not the way Katie describes the birth of her son Ralph – she describes his birth as ‘amazing’. Katie came to my pregnancy yoga classes through both […]

Beautiful first-time birth in the pool

First-time mum Naomi and Steve are the most lovely, chilled couple you could meet, so I knew their birth would go brilliantly. Naomi came to my pregnancy yoga classes throughout her pregnancy and she and Steve did a group hypnobirthing course with me – and together they committed to the techniques at home. I’m pleased […]

Nicola slowly breathed baby Albie out, which meant no tears

This week in class we’ve been talking about how to avoid tearing and Nicola’s inspiring birth story is the perfect example of a some of the things we mentioned. Firstly, giving birth is the pool, secondly, having a controlled second stage (breathing baby down, rather than pushing), thirdly, staying calm and relaxed. Nicola says, “The […]

Speedy induction, despite pre-eclampsia

Katy’s Birth Story After a relaxing weekend of yoga and a hypnobirthing course (with Better Birth Company), I was feeling very excited for birth. I had been apprehensive about the birth, so to have the feeling of excitement was a refreshing change! I was 37 weeks and it was half term with lots of little […]

Great births still happen during a pandemic

Birth doesn’t stop during a pandemic – ladies are still going into hospital every day and having babies. I’ve heard of three this week (from the ladies from my classes) and I’m thrilled to say all have been quick, positive, empowering experiences. In fact, they all sound very similar to the normal great birth stories […]