Birth story

Incredible, unplanned, home birth

For a lot of mums-to-be, the thought of not making it to hospital on time, and giving birth at home without a midwife, is a terrifying thought. But second-time mum, Nikki, who came to my pregnancy yoga classes, handled it beautifully. Not only does she say, “yoga and hypnobirthing helped me to achieve my dream […]

Julia’s quick 3rd birth, 9 days ‘overdue’

Baby Orla’s Birth Story Baby finally arrived!! Yay!! We had a beautiful baby girl, called Orla, on Friday 4th December, 9 days after due date. On Wednesday 2nd I was getting increased braxton hicks and had some diarrhoea, so I was convinced something was starting. My husband and I went to bed and the braxton […]

Amazing birth in the car on the way to hospital!

This is the glowing face of a true Superwoman, who birthed her baby in the car on the way to Stoke Mandeville Hospital – without any medical assistance – and still describes her birth as ‘incredible’. I felt a bit concerned sharing Michelle’s amazing birth story as it’s the second birth, involving birth in the […]

Birth during Covid – Ralph’s very quick birth in the car

When you think about someone giving birth in the car, on the way to hospital, most women would imagine a pretty stressful, fear-inducing situation – and yet that’s not the way Katie describes the birth of her son Ralph – she describes his birth as ‘amazing’. Katie came to my pregnancy yoga classes through both […]