Online Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga for a Better Birth Online Course

I believe everyone has the right to an empowered birth, free from trauma and fear. And for over 10 years I’ve been helping women achieve this. But not everyone can get to my popular in-person courses, so I've created an online course that has everything you need, a course you can do from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you!

The Better Birth online course is so much more than just physical exercise - as an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher, I’ll help you prepare your mind and body for birth, so you feel physically strong and mentally prepared, with tools and techniques to help carry you through labour and birth.

With 20 Pregnancy Yoga classes that are suitable for everyone, whether you're a complete beginner or have been enjoying yoga for years. There’s also a module on Relaxation, to prepare your mind so you look forward to giving birth, free from anxiety and fear.

Plus, a module on breathing, to calm the nervous system and facilitate the flow of oxytocin, the hormone needed for a swift, comfortable birth. Plus, breathing techniques to breathe or push your baby out in an effective way, to help avoid tearing and instrumental birth.

If you would like everything you need to prepare for your birth, all for a one off payment of £47 with access for 9 months, then the Pregnancy Yoga for a Better Birth online course is for you! Hit the button below for full details and to book.

Power Hour

If you’d like to talk through any aspect of your birth, you can book a power hour with Donna, to chat about - turning a breech baby, breathing for birth, pain relief options, induction, or anything else you’d like to discuss.


Online calls take place via Zoom.

Cost £100 (60 mins)   £50 (30 mins)

“Thank you Donna for all of your advice and for the exercises that helped the baby turn. Two weeks on I am so glad that he turned and that I am now fully recovered and a c-section was not needed!”
Pregnancy Yoga, plus online session to turn a breech baby