Here’s what some of our lovely mamas have to say…

I wanted to thank you so much for all your encouragement and wise words during pregnancy and postnatal yoga. I have absolutely no doubt that my second birth was as speedy and chilled out as it was – despite the pandemic – because of the confidence and faith your classes and the hypnobirthing workshop instilled in me. I found the birth stories and your discussions of the issues they raised invaluable. I’m so pleased I found your courses, especially during the craziness of the past year.

Sarah (pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga & hypnobirthing)

Donna your classes for all three of my babies have been invaluable, and I soaked up everything you said along the way. You really helped me feel so prepared for this birth and I really couldn’t have asked for it to have gone better.

Julia (pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

I will make sure I let anyone I know, who falls pregnant, how fantastic your yoga is!!  I have so missed coming to the actual classes and seeing everyone! But I have been enjoying the next best thing of doing it online with you and I look forward to those two hours each week!! 

Sophie (pregnancy yoga online)

Thanks so much for last night, I loved your class! I felt so relaxed afterwards I actually went straight to bed. It was such a nice way to forget all the craziness that’s going on and just focus on movement and the baby!  I think the set up of the class really worked and can’t wait to do another one on Saturday morning. 

Naomi (pregnancy yoga online)

Thank you so much, it was a lovely session and it really helped us feel positive and gave us a boost in confidence no matter which way we give birth, natural or c-section. Thank you again for your advice and help.

Gagan (hypnobirthing online course)

The class on Tuesday was brilliant, it was just what I needed after a stressful day at work! I’m quite new to yoga but you made the moves really clear and easy to follow and I also really enjoyed the extra information you provided about breathing and the positive birth story.

Amy (pregnancy yoga online)

Thanks so much for tonight’s class, I have been looking forward to it all day!! Steve joined in tonight too and he loved it – thanks from him as well, he actually just fell asleep at the end so the relaxations certainly worked for him!

Naomi (pregnancy yoga online and hypnobirthing)

Thanks for such a restorative class on Saturday. I really enjoyed it and felt so calm and happy afterwards. A perfect start to the weekend.

Charlotte (pregnancy yoga online)

Thanks for session yesterday I found it really helpful, and it’s all so logical and makes so much sense. Now just need to put it into practice and not stress about the birth partner situation. 

Emma (hypnobirthing online workshop)

I would just like to say thank you for yesterday. I found it totally fascinating and so interesting. I can understand how it all works and I have ordered the book ready to go. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to my other pregnant friends!

Kathryn (hypnobirthing online workshop)

Wanted to let you know that I loved last nights class. It worked really well. I did the whole thing just with candle light and honestly was the most relaxed I’ve been in ages. Plus I had such a good sleep last night! Looking forward to Saturday! 

Kate (pregnancy yoga online)

Thanks so much Donna! Was awesome as always.

Steph (pregnancy yoga online)

Thank you for this evening – first time I’ve used Zoom and loved it. I managed to relax and enjoy the class throughout. If we can keep the girls entertained on Saturday, I’ll join again, as I really need the exercise…Keep safe and thank you for taking your classes online and making things seem a little normal again.

Alison (pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing)

Yoga was fantastic, well done! Looking forward to Saturday! I had my candles on and felt really relaxed. It’s great that my husband can listen in to the birth stories and take some notes. Thank you so much. 

Kelly (pregnancy yoga online)

Honestly, can’t thank you enough for yesterday. You instantly make me feel relaxed and zoned out. I’ve missed feeling like that and can’t achieve that tranquillity on my own! Want to take you with me into labour!  Looking forward to Saturday! 

Manpreet (pregnancy yoga online and hypnobirthing)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for today and Tuesday – so nice to have a little slice of normal and dedicated time to focus on baby, move my body and ground myself during these crazy times! Thanks again and looking forward to Tuesday!

Catriona (pregnancy yoga online)

Thank you for the lovely course today – it’s exactly what I need at the moment – which is someone giving me a list of things to do to take my mind off everything and focus it in a more positive direction! It’s very much appreciated.

Leonie (hypnobirthing online workshop)

It was great to do some yoga last night and definitely left me feeling calmer than I have done in days!!!! I look forward to Saturday morning and in the meantime will continue to practice the breathing techniques you have sent.

Sophie (pregnancy yoga online)

I’ve really enjoyed the last two classes and am so grateful to have them as part of my week. I’ve been self-isolating now for a little over two weeks and I’m starting to crave a bit of routine so this is really helping. Thanks so much Donna.

Sam (pregnancy yoga online)

I’m still gobsmacked I was able to have the birth I dreamed of – a lovely day with my husband and toddler, completely chilled evening, and then only 6 hours from first proper surge to birth. I wouldn’t describe the surges or birth as painful but manageable uncomfortableness….I never thought I’d be able to just use gas and air and breathe my baby out but I did and that’s all because of you! Thank you so very very much! I wish all your ladies the best of luck with their labours – you can do it ladies!”

Charlotte (hypnobirthing, pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

I can’t quite believe I managed to birth my baby on 2 paracetamols! Thank you so much for everything you have taught me at the classes. It helped me achieve the best thing I’ve ever done in my life

Amy (pregnancy yoga)

Thank you for your constant reassurance and calmness during my yoga classes. The hypnobirthing classes really did have a huge impact on both Steve and I – we have been telling all our friends and family about it! I listened to the positive statements every night and really absorbed every word. For me this was the perfect and most magical birth I could have wished for. I really didn’t think these births actually existed and now totally understand what breathing your baby out actually means.

Sarah (hypnobirthing & pregnancy yoga)

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, so thank you for everything you taught me. I think the hypnobirthing made every single bit of difference

Katarina (hypnobirthing, pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

….your pregnancy yoga was one of my favourite parts of being pregnant and I want to say a big thank you again for all you taught me; the breathing techniques, relaxation and positive birth stories made such a huge difference to my labour experience and I know I wouldn’t have had such a positive birth and start to motherhood without attending your classes, so I feel really glad I found them! If I am lucky enough to have another baby I will definitely be back for pregnancy yoga!!

Sarah (pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

I wanted to say thank you to you, for all the help, support and advice you give in the class…it proved invaluable in a situation where I had no midwife and meant I trusted my body to know what to do.

Jen (pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

Donna, your yoga classes not only prepared me and my body for going into labour, but also helped me get through my pregnancy.  Because I had had a few miscarriages previously, and it had taken so long to get pregnant, I was so worried and anxious throughout my pregnancy, but coming to the Saturday morning yoga class made all my worries go away. The breathing techniques you taught me didn’t just help in labour, but also helped me to stay calm throughout my pregnancy too.

Gabriella (pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

So once again Donna, I can’t thank you enough. I honestly believe it’s not just the physical exercise, but the mindset and mentality that you teach that is so important and has helped me give birth to two wonderful daughters.

Narinder (pregnancy yoga)

Our daughter Sophie arrived on Sunday, roughly 15 hours after we’d all been doing downward dogs together in yoga….I want to thank you Donna for your classes. The combination of hearing others and your own experiences, along with learning how to get your body ready for and through labour made the whole process so much less scary then it had been before I came to yoga. Additionally, as someone with horrible pelvic girdle pain from early on in pregnancy, I strongly believe that all the ideas you shared on adaptations to my everyday life and stretches and activity to build my muscles, enabled me to keep working and stay active throughout pregnancy

Emily (pregnancy yoga)

Thank you again, I’d never have been brave enough without your hypnobirthing course and the yoga lessons. I feel the hypnobirthing worked fantastically well for me. I had you in my head at the moments when I needed it, which helped me have the birth that I wanted

Victoria (hypnobirthing & pregnancy yoga)

I have to say without having done the hypnobirthing sessions and pregnancy yoga, I really don’t think I could have coped as well as I did during my pregnancy, and during the c-section. In the lead up to it and when I was in theatre, I was listening to my Hypnobirthing tapes. I was strangely calm and relaxed, I kind of weirdly enjoyed the whole experience. I went from being extremely anxious about having a baby and giving birth, to actually embracing it, and enjoying the experience. Theo is the most chilled, calm, and happy baby and has slept through the night from 8 weeks old – I believe this was all due to the calmness of my pregnancy – from attending the yoga sessions, meditating, and doing hypnobirthing with you. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. Even my husband enjoyed the hypnobirthing sessions!

Caroline (hypnobirthing & pregnancy yoga)

Thanks Donna for helping us to prepare with our hypnobirthing refresher course, it was a huge help! I can’t recommend you, and hypnobirthing, highly enough!

Sarah (hypnobirthing & pregnancy yoga)

I feel like the most important thing that hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga did was to remove the fear of giving birth. And I am beyond sure that because of this, I was able to labour so efficiently, completely giving over to my body and trusting that it would know what to do. Even my midwife who has attended many home births, could not believe how I managed to turn a baby and deliver him within 5 hours of established labour. Particularly as a first time mum….I can’t thank you enough for all of your support through yoga and hypnobirthing – please know that you have truly made such a positive difference to my experience of giving birth, for which all three of us are so grateful.

Eloise (hypnobirthing, pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

I just wanted to start by saying thank you so much for all of your support and reassuring advice throughout my pregnancy – I was drawn to contacting you when I found out I was pregnant as giving birth had always been one of my biggest fears! I really wanted to change all of those negative feelings around something that was such a special time in my life, and I knew after the first session with you I was going to be able to achieve a lovely, relaxed pregnancy and hopefully achieve as calm a birth as possible!….Thank you so much again Donna, I wish everyone all the best with their pregnancy journey and the birth of their babies – it really is the most incredible experience and I am so excited for everyone!!

Clare (pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

Donna I would like to thank you for your yoga classes, that was my ‘me and bump’ time once a week that I really cherished. You gave me so many tips and I used these during my labour. I wish all your ladies all the best of luck with the rest of their pregnancies and births.

Julia (pregnancy yoga)

Firstly, I just want to say thank you so much for all the yoga lessons and the hypnobirthing. I learnt so much during all the sessions and it really helped me be prepared for the birth of our baby….Although I was induced, all they needed to do was break my waters and 4 hours 53 minutes later our daughter was here. The doctors and midwifes said it was one of the quickest inductions they’d seen. Thank you again for everything you’ve done for us. We have applied the hypnobirthing to other things as well such as the breastfeeding, it really has been a tool we can apply to everything and has made such a difference.

Kirsty (hypnobirthing, pregnancy & postnatal yoga)

I can truly say that the breathing really works!!! I used it when they put the cannula and epidural in and whenever I felt anxious and through my contractions!!! I hope the rest of the ladies labours go as well as mine….Many thanks for all your help and fantastic classes I will recommend to other pregnant ladies.

Pooja (pregnancy yoga)

“I wanted to write to thank you for your amazing birth training with the yoga….the breathing really does work and has meant medication free labours both times. Keep calm and carry on breathing, ladies! Donna, it will probably be a couple of years break this time, but I will definitely see you again for pregnancy number three. Thank you so much.

Sam (pregnancy yoga)

I cannot thank you enough for your classes, I really enjoyed them and felt they really guided me through my labour. I wish all the mums’ safe and stress-free deliveries and if I could pass on one bit of advice it would be to just concentrate on your breathing, it will really help to keep you calm and relaxed and get you through those surges. Donna, I can’t thank you enough and I hope to see you soon – this time at your postnatal yoga class rather than at your prenatal class!

Sophia (pregnancy & postnatal yoga