Our new baby girl arrived on Tuesday last week (at 40weeks +5). Thank you so much for everything in your yoga classes – and for the hypnobirthing workshop I did with you for my first daughter in 2021, as I reused all of my material and tools learnt from that for this lovely birth!

I went to bed early on the Monday night as was feeling particularly exhausted after a longish walk with the dogs that day, so headed up soon after my daughter went to bed at 8ish. I woke up at 12.20am with what felt like a bit of lower back ache so I wasn’t sure it was a contraction, I looked at the time and thought I’ll see if I get another one. I did I think around 20 minutes later but still ignored it, went for a wee and went back to bed.

I woke up again at 1.30am with a slightly stronger feeling and thought again I think this is it, but continued to ignore it, but kept a little look on the time and noticed I got the same feeling about 10 minutes later. With each one I did my up breathing and really visualised the sun rising with each one. I think I must have kept dosing off in between surges as before I knew it, it was almost 3 and I thought I’ll get up and just move around a bit and see if these progress more. I went to the bathroom (and stayed in the dark) and did some standing hip circles over the basin, breathing etc and noticed the surges were getting closer together now.

At about 3.30am I thought I’ll go and wake my husband up now and tell him it’s probably time – the surges were completely manageable with my breathing, and I was almost enjoying them to be honest as I was getting excited! My husband jokingly said he would have appreciated being woken up a little earlier (!) but I felt good and I was happy quietly labouring in the dark by myself.

I then rang Wexham Hospital and told them I’d give them a call back when I wanted to come in. I rang my mum next (who lives 15 minutes away) to look after my daughter. I carried on with my breathing and hip circles on all fours with each surge (while my husband in the background got the car packed etc). My mum arrived just after 4am and by now I was getting 3 contractions in 10 minutes. I was still happy but my husband said we better get going (and he was right!) I rang Wexham at 4.30 and said we’re getting in the car now so will be with them at 5am probably and they booked me in. We got in the car, I put on my playlist and closed my eyes, breathing through each surge. My husband offering reassuring words every time he noticed me breathing through one.

When we got to the birth centre they said they were actually full so could we go downstairs to the labour ward to be assessed. I stayed completely in my zone and rolled with it working through each surge. In the labour ward we waited in the room for them to assess me, I went on all fours on the floor doing my hip circles and breathing through each surge which were closer together now, the midwife finally arrived to assess me and I actually didn’t speak to her. I quickly got off the bed once she finished to breathe through another surge, staying in my zone. When that surge finished my husband told me the midwife said I was at 7cm (and that she was shocked).

My husband in the background had also been speaking to them and said we need a pool. They took me to room 1 on the labour ward which has the pool (which incidentally was the same room I had my first daughter in, as the birth centre was closed then due to covid!) Upon arrival to the room the midwife had nearly finished filling up the pool, she said you look familiar and we realised she was the same midwife who delivered my first daughter in the pool which was just lovely.

I quickly stripped off in between surges and climbed into the pool while my husband put on my playlist. Instant relief in the water. But I had noticed I was feeling like I couldn’t handle the last couple of contractions, but I quickly reminded myself in between them that this was probably the transition stage. During each one my husband would offer reassuring words and things like 3 more breaths etc which really helped me to focus. I visualised each one as climbing up a mountain and then coming back down.

Not long after being in the pool I said to the midwife it really feels like I need to push and she reassured me that I was probably there and to go with what my body was telling me. With the next one I breathed down and the midwife said that was my waters just gone. With the next one I breathed down again and her head was out. And the next one I felt the need to do the little panting breaths and out came the rest of her, she bobbed up underneath me and I took her in my arms and sat back, completely elated. She was born at 6.10am, it felt perfect, my husband said I was in the pool for maybe 20 minutes if that.

We had delayed cord clamping and then I climbed out of the pool to deliver the placenta on the bed (I did take the injection for this), the midwife then checked me over and confirmed I didn’t need any stitches. And we were discharged later that day at 2pm with our lovely new baby girl, Amelie Rose.